Older gal joins her fitness instructor in the shower

Exhausted and sweaty from the day’s two-hour work out session, Sandra decided to take a quick shower before getting something to eat. She took off her clothes and pushed her shower curtain aside. She was about turn the shower on when someone grabbed her. It was Ted, her handsome fitness trainer whom she’s been secretly going out with. He managed to slip inside without her noticing. Sandra turned around and gave him a kiss, then he stepped aside and let her under the stream. Ted made her lean over his chest and began caressing her all over. Sandra took the hand-held shower head off from the mount and let the spray hit her pair of big breasts and held it between her legs. He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her. She could feel his rock-hard cock rub against her ass, so she grabbed it and guide it into her pussy. Ted’s hips rocked back and forth, while Sandra felt her pussy throb as the stream of warm water touched her clit. He got excited and started thrusting harder while Sandra heightened the pleasure by rubbing herself. He went faster and faster until he felt the build up reached it’s peak, so he pushed Sandra to her knees and made her swallow the cock. Sandra wrapped her mouth around his raging meat, flicking her tongue under it while occasionally giving it a couple of strokes before she opened her mouth wide and milked every drop of jizz onto her mouth.

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Hot wife masturbates while her husband sleeps

Karen took off her glasses and place them on the bedside table. Her husband was lying next to her, sound asleep and snoring. She was about to switch off the lamp when he remembered this conversation she had with her co-worker. He's a good looking accountant in his mid 20s, the kind of guy who make every woman in the office swoon. It was something he said about how older women are hotter in bed and how he always wanted to date one. The idea of doing it with a younger man has always excited her. She began to fantasize about the guy, with her sitting on top of his lap, kissing him and running her hands all over her pecks. It made her wet and she started touching herself. Karen cupped her breasts and placed her hands under her panties to feel herself. She rolled over and began jerking her clit, while tweaking her nipples. She breathing heavily and would occasionally let out a muted moan. She was a little worried her husband might hear but he's still sound asleep. She let those images of the young co-worker would flash inside her head, him pumping on top of her while she held him tight and her making a mess while  sucking his cock. She closed her eyes and felt a rush between her thighs, she clenched her jaw to avoid letting out a whimper and felt her body tremble as she reached the climax. She composed herself and kissed her husband's forehead before she finally switched off the lamp.

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Sexy older woman begs for sex

"I've never been with a younger guy before," She confesses. It has already been seven years since Haley's husband died, it's been difficult but she managed to raise her four children alone and now that they  have all grown up; she's ready to move on and start dating again. The decision came to her one day, when she met this good looking guy in a grocery store. Albert looks a couple of years older that her oldest son, he's got a nice clean cut and an athletic body. She first met him in front of the meat section, eyeing out the pork chops. Haley was standing next to him with a grocery basket in her hand, wearing her yoga pants and tank top. She's already in her mid forties, but she looks so much younger than her age. He started talking to her casually and this brief encounter ended up with the two exchanging numbers. Later that week, they decided to meet again and had a long conversation over dinner in a restaurant near his apartment. He invited her for a coffee at his place and it eventually led to Haley lying on the couch with her skirt around her waist. It's been years since she had sex and wanted it badly. Haley was already wet when he entered her, eyeing out her big breasts and grabbing her by her curvy hips while he rocked back and forth. Albert had the stamina and he knows how to please her. She felt her body tremble as the thrusts went faster, rubbing herself she let out a long moans and came hard while Albert blew his load across her older woman breasts.

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